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Welcome to our beautiful scenery!

When you wish to offer your personnel, your clients, your friends or your associate member’s beauty, tranquility in nature and a light touch of magic bring them to Storfinnhova Gård. Our staff will, together with you create an unforgettable experience and you might, like many, join our returning costumer-pool.

Storfinnhova Gård, situated on the Kemiö-island, is an all-year-around premium center for festivities, conferences and educational-workshops.  The estate is set in a beautiful old cultural landscape, where charming buildings and elegant park surroundings form an inspiring environment for many different kinds of gatherings.

Our main attraction is a fantasy-forest village built nearby the estate. In this village, alongside a forest creek a huge underground granite smoke-sauna has been built.  In this enchanting sauna the bather can, in-between the joy and relaxation of the steamy sauna, dip into a refreshing pool formed by the creek, lingering through the sauna.

Important coordinates: 150 km from Helsinki, 77 km from Turku, 88 km from Hanko, 70 km from Tammisaari and 57 km from Salo.

PS! Although the area is called Kemiö-island, it is part of the mainland. See map on our contact page.

Enjoy our web-site and its many pictures!

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