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The history of Storfinnhova

The written history of Storfinnhova goes back to the 1540’s, but the legend about a giant called Finn, who held court at the cliff tops of Finnhova is still much older. The story about the giant is told in the history books of Lund’s Cathedral in Sweden. According to the legend Finn travelled to Lund in the 1100-century to help build the cathedral. The bishop and Finn got into a quarrel about the payment of the assignment. In those days conflict resolution was not done through diplomacy, instead an argument usually lead to a fight where someone had to give their life. In this case both the bishop and the giant Finn died in their settlement. Although a legend, ‘no smoke without fire’,  the story may carry some truth as still today the giant Finn is depict in one of the pillars at the Lund Cathedral.

The written history tells about the eventful life at Storfinnhova, about times of prosperity as well as down fall and misery. The estate has changed owners many times; many families have come and gone. During the Great Depression the farmers on Kemiö-island joined forces and founded Nordanå Limited Company, in which also Storfinnhova was a part. A memory from this time is to be found in the name Nordanå, the area where Storfinnhova is situated along the Finnhova road.

From the middle of the 1900-century the estate stood empty for nearly 20 years, until Maj-Britt Andersen bought it in 1979 and started extensive restoration works. Later her children inherited the estate and since 10 years her son, Martin Andersen with family has run and developed Storfinnhova.  During Martin’s time Storfinnhova became a versatile center for festivities, conferences, meetings and activities, with the forest village and its underground granite smoke-sauna forming a special attraction. Today Storfinnhova continues its fabled story creating legends for future generations.

The new owners, the families Kåll and Katunin aim to develop Storfinnhova in respect of its renowned history.

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