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The Forest Village

The granite-smoke-sauna built underground

An experiential Forest Village has been built approximately one kilometer from the main estate. Here you find a unique, big underground granite-smoke-sauna, situated by a beautiful little creek. When you look at the building from the outside, only the thick timber wall and the grass-roof can be seen, but stepping in a surprising view is seen. 

The sauna has been built from very big granite-blocks and timber. The steam room has space for 28 bathers at a time. The two big sauna-stoves, when filled, take one-and a half cubic-meter burning-wood at a time and these warm an enormous 3.500 kilogram pile of stones.

The forest-creek, which lingers outside the sauna, has been partly led to go through the steam-room. There it forms two pools of water. From the upper basin the water flows down like a cascade into a lower pool, where bathers can dip and cool themselves in-between enjoying the hot steam.

The atmospheric light is produced by a lamp behind the cascade, storm-lanterns and hundreds of small candles.

This magical and enchanting smoke-sauna with its surroundings is an attraction not to miss. When you want to offer your guests, your personnel or your friends an experience they will not easily forget, take them to the Forest Village to bathe in the sauna and enjoy a good dinner at the Knight’s Hall.

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