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Finnhovantie 163
25860 Björkboda | Maplink (

Drive from Perniö along road 183 towards Kemiö. The length of the whole journey from Perniö to Björkboda is about 40 km. Pass Kemiö center and continue towards Dragsfjärd and Taalintehdas. Pass also (left) Västanfjärd conjunction and continue. After a few km you will see a Neste petrol station on your right hand side. Slow down, because just after this you will see, also on your right hand side, a small black/white sign directing towards "Finnhova" - turn right. Drive across the fields, until you reach a T-juncture. Turn left and drive some 500 meter along Nordanåtie and you will arrive at the post-boxes of Storfinnhova. Despite the driving ban sign, turn right and you have arrived. Parking behind the barn.

Tel. 02-424 203
Fax 02-424 143
Mobile 0400-539 238



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