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Conference services

The Barn

The big space in The Barn can be transformed to suit and meet many different conference- and/or educational workshop needs.

The space is spacious and well-lighted. There is a 14 meter long table through the main room; the table is formed as a T. If the room is organized in a class-room manner, it can easily fit 50 people. On the upper level a U-formed table, fitting 18 people can easily be set, hence suiting a smaller group. If you need to fit a bigger group, i.e. for instance for a lecture and tables are not needed, The Barn can fit up till 120 people.

When group-work spaces, in conjunction with conferences and/or educational workshops are needed Villa Axel, Villa Cecilia, Villa Ida, the bar, as well as the upper level in The Barn can be used for this purpose.

All necessary meeting equipment is handy, i.e. flip-charts, overhead-projector, video-projector and screen.

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