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Villa Cecilia

Villa Cecilia, which was built in 1990, was especially designed to suit the landscape and the existing buildings at Storfinnhova Gård. The two-story building has kitchen, dining room, drawing room and WC downstairs. The downstairs are very spacious, the height of the drawing room is 6 meters and at the center of the room a beautiful tiled stove is situated. This stove opens both towards the dining room as well as towards the drawing room. Three double-room bedrooms are to be found upstairs, together with a bathroom. All and all Villa Cecilia can accommodate 6 people and 8 people can be seated around the dining room table.

When used as meeting space Villa Cecilia is suitable for 8 people. All meeting equipment is available. Cordless Internet in the area. Villa Cecilia is equipped with all modern comfort.

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